Women in Canberra

Headshot - Serene Teoh

Women and property ownership: How Serene Teoh is building forever homes

For some, property is the Canberra bubble that seems like it’s never going to burst. For women in particular, entering the housing market can be especially challenging, as recent research by Core Logic indicates there is a gender gap in property ownership. This quarter, housing prices surged 10.4%, bringing the average cost of a home up to $1,015,833, well-above the national average. According to Serene Teoh, owner and sales director of Trusted Realtors, many of the new homes aren’t being built up to scratch. We sat down with Serene to discuss Canberra’s housing market and how she’s changing it, and what the coming months and years may look like for Canberra women.

The Lost Art of True Rest

Think about it: when you get a break, what do you normally do? Go on your phone or computer? Check messages or social media or your favorite websites? Watch video online? That’s how most people spend their breaks — myself included. I’m part of this.