The Social Nest: Unleashing the Power of Social Media with Susie Basiaco

Step into the captivating world of social media strategy and engagement with Susie Basiaco, the brilliant mind behind The Social Nest. A social media strategist and owner of The Social Nest (thesocialnest.com.au), Susie is on a mission to help her clients soar high in the digital landscape. Through experiential interviews and insightful tips, let’s explore why Susie is a pleasure to work with and how she empowers businesses to thrive on social media.

As an accomplished social media strategist, Susie’s primary goal is to fuel her client’s engagement rate while creating marketing campaigns that pave the way for exceptional growth. By utilising metrics tailored to each platform, she guides her clients in finding their ideal customers and crafting strategies that make a lasting impact.

The clients who flock to The Social Nest are ambitious, time-poor, and run established small businesses or microbusinesses. They turn to Susie after realising the intricate nuances of social media management and the indispensable role of a well-thought-out strategy.

Image shows Susie Basiaco seated at a desk smiling and looking up and to the side. Susie appears to be warm, approachable, and highly creative.

Instagram, one of the most popular platforms, holds the potential to engage audiences and boost business growth. Susie shares an eye-opening fact: the average engagement rate on Instagram hovers between 1% to 5%, depending on the industry. Understanding your engagement rate is key, as it reflects how well your content resonates with your audience. Monitoring and enhancing this rate can fuel organic reach and search engine optimisation, contributing to overall business success.

What sets The Social Nest apart is its unparalleled flexibility. Susie understands the intertwining of business and life, and her service plans adapt to the unique needs of her clients. Whether you require month-to-month content calendars or comprehensive strategies, Susie tailors her approach to suit your business, making her services a true delight to work with.

Susie’s purpose revolves around empowering business owners to understand their customer base, facilitating social media objectives, strategies, and project plans. Her vision is to create confident business owners with effective social media strategies that engage new audiences and fuel business growth.

Grounded in her values, Susie is committed to a client-focused approach, empowering her clients through shared knowledge and results-oriented strategies. Building communities through authentic connections and effective communication is at the core of The Social Nest’s ethos. And as a responsible businesswoman, Susie believes in ethical and sustainable practices that foster growth while making a positive impact.

Are you ready to embrace the world of social media with confidence? Join hands with Susie Basiaco and The Social Nest to unlock the true potential of your business in the digital realm.

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My Bio

Hi, I’m Susie, a Social Media Strategist and owner of The Social Nest. I help time-poor businesses develop a strategy to increase engagement on social media.

The Social Nest is a social media and digital marketing business. Do you struggle with finding the time to create engaging content and wish someone would do it for you? Want to have the next six months planned out for you so you know exactly what you will post, where to post it and when? Are you looking for someone to help you create a digital marketing strategy? After running an e-commerce store for six years, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience.

I am passionate about helping small businesses with social media and digital marketing. Connect with your audience through engaging content, increase your reach organically and watch your business grow. Contact me today to find out more.

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