After the resounding success of our 2021 “Gals Becoming” book club, we are excited to introduce our next chapter: “Gals Evolving.”

Gals Evolving, a Feminist Book Club

Welcome, gal! 

“Gals Evolving” isn’t just a book club; it’s a movement towards enriching our lives through learning, growth, and the sharing of diverse ideas in a supportive environment.

Inclusivity Across Ages

In “Gals Evolving,” we cherish the wisdom and perspectives that come from all ages. Our club is open to everyone because we believe that inter-age mingling leads to the most enriching social outcomes, including a deeper, more varied learning experience. By bringing together different generations, we create a tapestry of insights, experiences, and ideas that empower and enlighten each of us.

Global Perspectives and Diverse Voices

Our monthly gatherings dive into a wide array of global publications, featuring memoirs, novels, biographies, and short stories. We prioritise works by women and gender minorities of colour, living with disabilities, and those who have navigated through patriarchal challenges. Our selection offers a holistic view of feminism, understanding it as a quest for political, economic, and social equity.

More Than Just a Book Club

As a member of “Gals Evolving,” you’ll be part of an inclusive journey that includes vibrant discussions, deep learning, and, of course, a few laughs with like-minded individuals. We explore topics such as historical and contemporary women’s leadership, draw “off-the-shelf” advice and inspiration from talented authors, and delve into current gender issues.

Join Us

“Gals Evolving” is the ideal place for feminists who enjoy diverse reading, those interested in women’s leadership, or anyone looking to be part of a supportive group of women. Our monthly meetups are now welcoming new members from all walks of life.

Join us in this empowering journey of growth, connection, and evolution!

Location: Queenies, Kingston, last Thursday of each month from 6 to 8:30pm from February 2024