Gals and Property Ownership: Meet the Trailblazing Female-Forward Team at Trusted Realtors

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Trusted Realtors is a Canberra-based firm which provides project marketing, and established sales and property management throughout ACT. We sat down with three trailblazing women from the Trusted Realtors Team and asked them how they navigate the housing market, personal challenges, what it means to be strong women in business, and any advice they’d like to share with Gals in Canberra.

Mary Ma

Mary is one of Trusted Realtors Real Estate Sales Agents, who has done a degree in Property Development Investment which gave her a strong foundation in the researching and valuation of suburbs and assets, in both the short and long term. 

She believes she has finally“found her talent” in the industry because it allows her to help people find solutions by being able to be the “bridge between the buyer and the seller”, enabling the seller to have a clear understanding of their long-term goal. Fluent in English nd Mandarin, Ma says that it is imperative an agent understands that goal very well, because “maybe it’s not the right time for selling in this market, but maybe it’s something else we need to do for this particular client”. She tells us that “This year is quite volatile… We have the Coronavirus pandemic. And we have a huge inflation happening in America and Australia as well. It’s a panic market, but a really good time to find the best property for yourself, so there may be some great opportunities hidden between.”

What does it mean to be a strong woman in business?

It’s about having a “clear mind”, no matter what the external noise may be. “If anything happens and I get distracted and panicked, I pull myself back and clearly see the whole picture. After that I prepare myself and continue, that’s my secret.” Mary told us she had experienced a lot of uncertainty and fear in her life, through many tormenting personal relationships, and this practice of “setting up her mind” allows her to know what she is facing and find a solution, step by step.

Duras Zhang

Duras is currently providing administrative support to the Trusted Realtors team as she transitions into her upcoming role as an Real Estate Sales Agent. She tells us that her experience and interest started from a six-month work experience placement she completed in a large Fund Manager in China. As she learnt more about personal finance and property investment, her interest grew. She found that real estate is the most tangible asset class compared to other types of investment products.

Duras initially entered the industry because she wanted a role that enabled her to communicate and “help people like [her], international students or recent graduates’ ‘, and began doing translation work in the industry. However, she tells us it is challenging as a young woman because whilst she can “communicate very well with my peers that are similar ages to me, when I communicate with people that may be older than me, I always feel [disconnected]. I think that’s a bit of a challenge, because if you do work as a real estate agent, it’s something you have to overcome”. 

What does it mean to be a strong woman in business?

I think being a strong woman in business means you don’t have to listen to other people or let them tell you what to do, and how to do it. You can have your own opinion.” “It means having a strong mind and a strong ability, [so] if there is a huge change in your work or your life, you can handle it very soon.” She especially emphasises that it’s important for young women to stop “waiting for the right time” and “just do it, because if you don’t do it and you just think about everything it’s nothing at all”. Two things women don’t value enough – your own time and judgment. That’s why women always apologize for nothing. 

Cheryl Marr

Cheryl is also a Real Estate Agent on the Trusted Realtors team, as well as a single mum. She tells us that working in property is “about building strong relationships, through sharing our knowledge in property. Clients become friends, and friends become family.” She finds that in the Filipino community, there are not many people that the community can reach out to, when it comes to discussing their property goals. She hopes to be the beacon of hope for them, and lead them in the right direction.

She tells us that whilst it is difficult to balance work and family life, she also finds it incredibly rewarding and it allows her to bring different perspectives into her work. She believes that clients often prefer female estate agents because they have a softer touch, they “are more concerned” about the family and can bring an unmatched level of empathy and understanding to their personal needs.

What does it mean to be a strong woman in business?

Cheryl tells us that her life has been very tough since her 20’s, becoming a young single mother in an unaccepting society, and having to build her life from the ground up in a new country. These challenges have shaped her into an incredibly courageous person, and she tells us that the biggest thing she has learnt is “To be a strong woman, you have to be confident. You have to stand by yourself, and be motivated every day.”

The Trusted Realtors Team is led by the lovely Serene Teoh, you can read more about her here. Or get in touch with the Trusted Realtors Team directly at https://www.trustedrealtors.com.au for enquiries.

Krishaa Tulsiani
Author: Krishaa Tulsiani

Krishaa is the Operations Officer at the CBR Gals Network. She is a regular contributor to the Network’s blog.