Meet Our 2020-2021 Event Partners!

the cbr gals network welcomes ITP The Income Tax Professionals (ACT)

We’ve partnered with the Income Tax Professionals ACT for August 2020 through August 2021 in order to improve the financial literacy for EVERY woman in Canberra and the surrounding regions. Here are the highlights of this partnership:

meet the gals behind itp act

Amanda, Danni and Merissa became the second generation of the ACT Franchise in June 2015.  There are six offices ranging from Batemans Bay to Goulburn with four offices in the Canberra Region – Queanbeyan, Phillip, Canberra City and Belconnen.  The franchise is the second biggest franchise nationally and is possibly the largest wholly women owned professional service firm in the Canberra region.

While coming from diverse backgrounds, all three came together firstly as employees and then as owners of the ITP franchise.

The owners of The Income Tax Professionals ACT Franchise. (L-R) Amanda, Danni, and Merissa

Amanda was born and raised in Canberra.  She has raised her three children in the same suburb she herself grew up in.  She has had a long career in the financial sector, including 20 years working for ITP, culminating most recently in being one of the equity owners of the Franchise. She is a qualified CPA.  Amanda has been heavily involved in giving back to the community through the ACT Scouts.

Danni spent her early years in Papua New Guinea as her father was posted there with the ATO.  In her late teens, Danni returned to Canberra, Australia where she has settled, married, raised two boys and, after a successful career as a dressmaker and designer, made a big career change.  Danni started with ITP in 2011 in an administrative role before taking on full responsibility for practice management as part of the ownership team.  Danni loves to sing, is part of an Acapella choir and is heavily involved with community through her church.

Merissa came to Canberra for the first time in her mid-teens.  She finished her education here, started her career in accounting, married, and had two daughters before moving away.  She returned to Canberra in 2008 and started working with ITP soon after. Since those early days at ITP, Merissa has held the objective of developing and growing the Business Services Division of the franchise.  

Merissa Little attended the CBR Gals Network Connect-Up Gala in July of 2020

Merissa is a Fellow of the NTAA (National Tax and Accountants’ Association) and a Registered Tax Agent.  Merissa loves to travel and spent many weeks each year (pre-COVID) exploring the corners of the globe with her family.

Over the past five years, Amanda, Danni, and Merissa have worked hard to create a business focussd on delivering professional services that provide real value to the clients.  There has been a real focus on four main areas:

1. The team

 The team – by providing a flexible work environment for the team to meet familial and other obligations whatever stage of life people are in.  By ensuring the needs of the team are met, the business protects and nurtures its greatest asset.

2. The client

The client – by meeting the needs of clients, from the new taxpayer with their first tax return to the compassion and professionalism provided with helping clients manage the estates of the deceased.

The small business expertise focuses on minimising tax and maximising wealth from the smallest home-based business to the most complex small business of partnerships, trusts, companies and self-managed superannuation funds.  Value-added services of financial planning, mortgages, vehicle and equipment finance, insurance, and retirement planning can also be sourced through the practice.

3. the environment

The environment – one of the main aims of the new ownership team was to take the businesses to a more environmentally sustainable operating methodology.  The restrictions of COVID-19 have enabled the practice to fast track their move into the digital age with new systems and processes aimed at a (mostly) paperless environment.  There is a strong belief in, and intention to, continue to reduce the business carbon footprint.

4. The community

The Community – ITP Income Tax Professionals (ACT) has supported both the Lions and the Rotary annual community functions.  As a major sponsor of the Canberra Raiders, the ITP sponsored game has been used to support and raise funds for local charity Kippax Uniting Care.

In these COVID times, they also focus on ensuring clients can meet their tax obligations in a safe environment. If they choose, clients can use technology such as phone interviews and video conferencing to meet their obligations while remaining as isolated as they choose.

why we're excited

Here at the CBR Gals Network, we’re keen to increase financial literacy for both individual women and Canberran women in business. We’ll be partnering with ITP ACT over the next year to help every Canberran woman be more in her personal and professional capacities. Watch this space.

To learn more about ITP ACT, click here.


Rae is the founder and current Vice President (2019-2020) of the CBR Gals Network Board. She is a regular contributor to the Network’s blog.


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