Rooftop Sunday Edition 1

There is nothing more iconic and Aussie, than a Sunday afternoon drinks. Add a rooftop and 30 of your closest strangers and you have our inaugural CBRGals “Rooftop Sunday Sesh”. March 3rd 2019 was a beautiful ideal summer afternoon which saw one of our CBR Gals open up her home and invite the community to socialise and get to know new people on a rooftop with beautiful Canberra views. 


Despite the 30° plus heat and sun, the Rooftop Sesh was the perfect environment to get 25 young Canberra women out of their comfort zone and networking. The afternoon was advertised as a Bring Your Best Self event, and all the women did just that. With a glass or bottle in hand, the rooftop was buzzing with both new friends and some old friends. For three hours, all the women there were able to establish new relationships, personal and professional, leaving their nerves and fears downstairs. 


Flocked with women from various backgrounds and careers, all the women had a different reason for being at the Rooftop Sesh. For some, it was a chance for a nice Instagram photo, for others it was a chance to promote their own businesses; however, for everyone involved, it became an opportunity to shed any worries and get to know other like minded women. Our first Rooftop Sunday Sesh was an absolute success and the CBR Gals are eagerly awaiting the return of summer to do it again!

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