June Happy Hour

In the middle of winter, Canberra was absolutely freezing. So to get everyone out of their winter woolies and Ugg boots, the CBR Gals hosted their June Happy Hour at Fenway Public House in the newly developed Westfield Woden Bradley Street food precinct. An American-styled sports bar located in the heart of Woden, gave the CBR Gals a chance to catch up, grab a wine and nibble on a cheese board on a Tuesday evening. 

It was fabulous to see so many familiar faces returning to rekindle friendships that had been formed at previous events. There were also a handful of new faces who made the decision to reach out and be brave in order to connect and empower themselves and other women. Rugged up in beautiful winter fashion, the CBR Gals spent the night laughing, connecting and establish new friendships. With the winter chill slowly growing outside, many felt the need to get home before it was too late and cold, however no one was brave enough to leave first. Filled with laughter and chatter, our space in Fenway was bustling with newly formed friendships. 

Teaming up with a brand new Canberra business allowed the CBR Gals to familiarise themselves with a new, unexplored venu and we were delighted to have spent the evening with this blossoming business. Fenway Public House was THE perfect venue to get us out and about in the middle of winter by providing us a lovely platter and the perfect setting for women to BE more.

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