Spring Clothes Swap 2019

Nothing says excited like organising two events, two weeks apart to engage our awesome community. That is exactly what happened this September when less than two weeks after our last event, the CBR Gals came together to support each other and stop fast fashion. The Spring clothes swap, in collaboration with Olivianne Style and Clothes Swap & Style Canberra was hosted in the Mosaic Room at Ovolo Nishi in New Acton.

A few quick words to open the afternoon activities and the swap began. With Olivianne Style on hand to help create looks and dress the women, it wasn’t long before everyone found at least a few pieces they couldn’t live without.

Here’s how the swap worked:
   –   Everyone was allowed to bring up to seven items and then swap for as many as “new” items as they had brought.
   –   Anything left after the event was then donated to Communities@Work in order to help more Canberra Women be dressed for any occasion.

Our second Clothes Swap carried the same invite as always, Bring Your Best Self, and lucky for everyone, that occured. With over 40 people turning up from 4-6pm on a sunday afternoon, it was amazing to see women bonding over fashion, friendship, and common interests. The added bonus? The entire event occurred without the presence of a mirror. Removing the temptation to stare and critique themselves, allowed the women to turn to the closest person and ask for their input. It was a way to encourage everyone and remove the internal critiques everyone finds themselves listening too. It was a fantastic way to bond and was the perfect element to our Spring Clothes Swap.

Shannon Beckwith is a regular contributor to the CBR Gals Network Blog
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