Event image for July 2021 Happy Hour. Image reads: Matriarchal Monday, Monday 2 August from 6 to 8 PM at Queenies

Rae Wraps Up Matriarchal Monday

On Monday 2 August, 50 local matriarchs rallied at Queenies Kingston for Matriarchal Monday, the latest happy hour-style event curated by the CBR Gals Network for Canberran women, including queer women, and nonbinary people. The attendees consisted of gals of diverse backgrounds, ages, professions, and walks of life, convening to meet like-minded gals in Canberra, expand their networks, and connect with Canberra women in business.

Walking through the doors of Queenies, it’s clear why this partnership between CBR Gals and Queenies just makes sense – when you clear the front door, you are transfixed and transported to a resplendent art-deco bar with the feel of a 1920s NYC speakeasy, contrasted with bold Australian female-focused art canvasing each wall. 

But more than decor at Queenies, women concocted Matriarchal Monday’s magic: Head Chef Adrianne served up the goods while Emma stirred libations, and Jacqui, Charlotte, and Rosemary floated between the two, taking great care to attend to each gal. A women-powered restaurant specialising in Australian and Canberra Region wines, Queenies Kingston is truly Canberra’s ground zero for good times.

Matriarchal Monday - because we believe you deserve to start the week around gals who lift you up.

Like most of our happy hours, many of the women who attend our events for the first time attend alone. These events are curated with this in mind, to help every gal make empowered connections from the moment they enter the event. 

To facilitate this empowered connection-making, upon entry, each gal was given a name tag and brief icebreaker that contained a set of instructions to 1) introduce yourself to a gal with whom you had something in common, 2) introduce yourself to a gal with whom you do not have something in common, and 3) have a darn good time doing it. And so it began.

Image shows Queenies logo
Queenies Kingston is located at 26 Giles St, Kingston

Key highlights from the event came from the delightful nibbles that Chef Adrianne put together, the immediate explosion of connections made by attendees, and one particular sound that resonated throughout Queenies during the event. This sound, I find, at every event we host, can be heard about an hour after doors open. To listen to it, I find a spot in the centre of the room and briefly close my eyes to listen, and it’s always the same sound that creates a soundtrack for our events, no matter who attends. It’s a constant buzz that is only occasionally interrupted by a shriek of laughter. And what is that buzz? It’s the sound of total strangers finding that they have more in common than what makes them different. It’s the sound of women in Canberra finally finding their people.

We put on these events because we love creating meaningful events for women to get to know each other, work together, find their humans, feel STRONG, and grow together. The women who come to these events also get to learn about awesome women-run businesses like Queenies, which makes them feel good and gives them a strong sense of connection to the place that is Canberra.

Queenies Kingston is Canberra’s ground zero for good times.

100% of respondents said they would recommend Matriarchal Monday to a friend and 100% were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the event as a whole. One respondent said, “Great group of gals! Everyone was lovely and [it was] inspiring to hear what others do for work and in their free time”. Another commented on the ease of attending the event alone, noting a highlight was, “How easy it can be to talk to women I don’t know and how welcoming everyone is and how easy it is to browse, even if you feel awkward.” 

This event was brought to you by the CBR Gals Network in partnership with Queenies Kingston and  ITP Canberra.

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Since 2018, the CBR Gals Network has operated as a feminist  not-for-profit that consciously connects and advances Canberran women and amplifies their businesses.

We invite every woman and nonbinary person of every age, profession, and in every season of life to share in the Network.

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Author: The CBR Gals Network

The CBR Gals Network is a feminist not-for-profit organisation established in 2018.