The CBR Gals Virtual Happy Hour


GAL! Imagine this: it’s May 9th 2020 at 5 PM, you’ve just wrapped up a beautiful Saturday that was the kind of Canberra day that you never want to see end. You’ve found a cosy spot on the couch and you’ve logged onto Zoom to see your favs — the CBR Gals. Earlier today, you received a knock at your door. You answered it and were handed a package, but it’s not just any package. It’s the goodie bag of your locavore dreams, containing snacks, sips, and locally-made trinkets which you can treasure forever. THIS, gal, is the first-ever CBR Gals Virtual Happy Hour.

What can you expect? 

With the price of your ticket, you can expect some nibbles (because we all need some), an adult beverage (wine not),  and some personally curated and locally made gifts (because we can) that you will need to use in the happy hour activities. This event will be the first of its kind, bringing the CBR Gals Network into your home; you get to party like us, with us, even if we can’t be together at this time. Even better? You’re supporting local makers and shakers that are keeping Canberra going (yay!) and getting to see old and new faces and blow off some steam and raise the roof from the comfort of your own home.


What will it be like?

This call will be a well-coordinated, hour-long session to hang out, chill-ax, cope, hang tight, meet, mingle, break the ice, laugh, and SHARE with other like-minded Canberra women. We’ve capped the event to keep it small so that we can really come together as a group. You can expect some one-on-ones as well as group chats, silly antics, and moments of deep connection. Like all of our events, this one is created for you in mind to help you feel connected in this time of disconnection, to feel free in this time of restrictions, and to feel understood in a time when so much is uncertain.

I have dietary restrictions / I don’t drink.

No problem! We’ll curate the box especially for you, gal. Just tell us what you need in the comments at checkout.

When will the goodie bag be delivered?

Someone from the CBR Gals Board will deliver your package on the day of the event. We’ll coordinate with you ahead of time to agree on a time that will work best for you to receive the package.


Thanks for supporting small.

from your favs,

The CBR Gals x

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