Rae wraps up A Howlin’ Good Time

In Canberra, the opening up of restrictions meant so many things for us here at the CBR Gals Network. It meant hosting our first gala and planning innovative events that allowed people to create empowered connections with other Canberrans. It also meant that we would be able to get back to our roots with in-person happy hours.

When we called the Howling Moon and they said they’d love to have us again, we were ecstatic. At our late-winter happy hour at this magnificent rooftop bar in 2019, we knew upon arrival that we’d be coming back. When you exit the elevator doors and enter the closed rooftop in the late afternoon, you are drenched with warm light from the late winter setting sun. The exterior of the bar is nearly entirely transparent, giving you eye-popping views of the Canberra skyline.

Many gals come to our events alone because they seeking something bigger than just ourselves. Gals come to our events to connect to other like-minded people who want to collaborate instead of compete, and to connect the place that is Canberra.

Gals come to our events to connect to other like-minded people.

Because of COVID-19, we had to cap the event at just 40 guests, and spaces filled up instantly. In the lead up to the event, guests were provided with a playlist curated to help them feel pumped up for the event. To facilitate this, we offer support at every step of their journeys, including sending a playlist of empowering music to help them feel excited about going and to reward them for being brave and putting themselves out there. 

When each gal signed into A Howlin’ Good Time happy hour, they were presented with a colourful nametag with the instruction: go introduce yourself to someone with the same colour nametag as you. And so it began.

Key highlights from the event came from the stunning (and COVID-19 safe) nibbles that Chef George put together, a give away by event sponsor Deserved Luxury, and certain sound that resonated throughout the bar. I swear, the best part of these events happens after doors open, about an hour or so into the event. I like to find a spot in the room and just close my eyes and listen. At CBR Gals Network events, there’s this medium-pitch humming buzz happening; it always starts after the first hour, and continues until we pack up and go. This is the soundtrack of our events, and it is only occasionally interrupted by a shriek of laughter. And what is that buzz? It’s the sound of total strangers finding that they have more in common than what makes them different.

And what is that buzz? It’s the sound of total strangers finding that they have more in common than what makes them different.

Yeah, it felt good to be at in person events again. 

83% of gals had not been to the Howling Moon before, but 100% responded that they’d attend the event again in the future. And to that, we say, let’s do it! Because we’re here for you, gal.

One gal said, “It was amazing. Thank you very much. Can’t wait for the next event already”. Another agreed, saying, “ It was great to meet some others in a social setting, NOT focussed on business.  The other ladies are diverse, very interesting and great to be social with.” 

This event was brought to you by CBR Gals in partnership with ITP Canberra, and sponsored by the Howling Moon and Deserved Luxury

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is the founder and current President (2019-2020) of the CBR Gals Network Board. She is a regular contributor to the Network’s blog.


Rae Knopik
Author: Rae Knopik

Rae Knopik is the founder and current Board President (2019-2023) of the CBR Gals Network. She is a regular contributor to the Network's blog.